A series of short videos have been created to help orient new students and educators to Bentley's online learning experience. The videos start with locating online courses of interest, carries you through reviewing, registering and taking online courses and concludes with post-completion activities.  So, if you are interested in online learning and would like a peek at what Bentley has to offer, here's your chance to learn for yourself.

NOTE: To view the videos you will need a high speed internet connection and Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or better. The overall length of each video is shown in minutes:seconds.

Finding an OnDemand Course (1:59) – The first step in online learning is to locate the course you want to take. This video walks you through the process of finding courses based on Bentley Institute’s excellent Learning Paths, the fastest and easiest way to find what you are looking for based on a specific Bentley product.

Course Description and Registration (3:14) – After you locate a course of interest, you review its description.  This video takes you through a course’s detailed description and the course registration process.

Launching and Taking an OnDemand Course (2:49) – In this video you learn how easy it is to launch a registered course , the details of the Course Viewer and its controls.

Taking a Video Lecture Course (3:22) – This video demonstrates the playback of a video lecture and user controls.

Your Bentley Professional Training Transcript (2:09) – When you complete an online course, Bentley records this event to your personal Bentley Professional Training Transcript.  This video provides a quick tour of the transcript and its various features.

Reviewing Completed Online Courses (1:42) – “Can I still review an online course after I have completed it?”  The answer is yes and this video shows you how.

Using the Advanced Search Feature (6:15) – This video demonstrates how you use the advanced search feature built into the Bentley LEARN Server to locate courses based on more complex search criteria than is provided via the Learning Paths.

There is also the Quick Guide to Bentle LEARN Server User Functions wiki article located in the Be Communities Wiki. It provides additional information about the various operations you can perform on the Bentley LEARN Server.

Click here to directly access the Bentley LEARN Server


The Bentley LEARN Server requires the use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6, 7 or 8 and Windows Media Player 9 or better.