Be Careers Network proudly presents the “Introduction to Bentley Architecture V8i SELECTseries” video course

It’s cool, it’s exciting and - most important of all - it is relevant to performing real world architectural design!

I’m talking about a new video course from the Be Careers Network: Introduction to Bentley Architecture V8i SELECTseries. This onDemand video course not only introduces you to Bentley’s premiere building design product, but also makes learning Bentley Architecture enjoyable and engaging.

Rather than simply expecting you to learn by rote, this course presents some out-of-the-box thinking through a series of short videos presented by the well known architectural evangelist, Lawrence Eaton.  While effectively explaining the capabilities of Bentley Architecture, Lawrence’s forte is his engaging and lighthearted delivery.  Not only will you learn the basics of Bentley Architecture, but you will also enjoy the journey.

Lawrence covers all of the key concepts you need to know, from conceptual modeling (including integration with Google Earth), to construction drawings and visualization.

Best of all, you can watch each video in its entirety in as little as five minutes, or a maximum of 20 minutes; it is time well spent.

Want to get a taste?  Here is a short video segment that covers one aspect of the design process: modifying doors.