Bentley Award Presentation at Curtin University, Western Australia

On June 14th, 2013, Ivy Branson came for Bentley Award Presentation to students at Curtin University.  The award recipients were students of class Construction Technology 463, which was a Unit offered by Department of Civil Engineering as part of its four-year course of Bachelor Degree in Civil and Construction Engineering.  The Unit emphasised on the importance of design and construction aspects of specialised structures such as prestressed concrete bridges and multistorey buildings.  

Bentley software used by students included CON BOX, AECOsim, NAVIGATOR, and STAAD Pro.

The Unit was delivered by Dr Vanissorn (Sorn) Vimonsatit and assisted Nadim Abushawashi, a Teaching Assistant currently completing his PhD.

Prizes were given to top students based on their combined assignment marks.  Assignments required students to work in teams developing an analysis and design solution for a prestressed concrete bridge using CON BOX, 3D simulation of a multistorey building construction using NAVIGATOR, and 3D structural analysis and design of a multistorey using STAAD Pro.


Award Winners based on top combined assignment marks, (L-R) Christopher Winduss, Anthony Mclellan, Nicholas Brown and Nicholas Nielson.  Another student also received the award but not in the picture was Michael Ehlers.


 Ivy Branson presented an award to Anthony Mclellan.  Also in the picture were Nadim Abushawashi  (left) and Dr Vanissorn Vimonsatit (right).

Christopher Winduss received his award.  Both Anthony Mclellan and Christopher Winduss received the award for their work on the construction simulation of a multistorey building using NAVIGATOR.

Nicholas Brown and his award

Nicholas Nielson and his award. 

Nicholas Brown, Nicholas Nielson and Michael Ehlers (not in the picture) received the award for their top marks based on the use of CON BOX and STAAD Pro.



Students’ work on a multi-storey construction simulation by NAVIGATOR based on a model provided in AECOsim

3D Atrium model by STAAD Pro.  Students were able to create 3D model of their own, and import/export the model for BIM development with STAAD Pro.


Analysis and Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridge by CONBOX.  Students were able to provide the detailed design of tendon profile, maximum stresses and box-girder section of a multiple-span bridge.