Bentley Education - First Future Infrastructure Star Challenge!



The evolution of infrastructure has been inspired and influenced by young minds. Every time a challenge surfaces, innovations appear and overcome them. We are in the middle of a climate and environmental emergency, in addition to a worldwide pandemic. These events have made us more cautious about our health and impacted our lifestyle, but the infrastructure around us remains the same. However, we also see that the Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a greater role in information accessibility for all stakeholders like the users, operators, and owners. Through the Future Infrastructure Star Challenge 2021, Bentley invites students from around the world to submit their thoughts, ideas, and innovations that they see for the future infrastructure industry.  

Mission Statement:  

The Future Infrastructure Star Challenge seeks to provide a space for the young minds of today to consider and solve the world’s toughest challenges. While the world around us is constantly changing, our infrastructure tends to remain the same. The challenge is divided into two stages: 

  1. Conceptualization 
  2. Design and Visualization. Throughout these two stages, students will get to dream big and showcase their potential to reshape the future of the infrastructure industry.  


The challenge is open to individual students (or teams of two) from Community Colleges/ Schools, Polytechnics, Technical Institutes and Universities.    

  1. Prizes will be split equally among the members of the winning team.
  2. In addition, each team can have an advisor. The advisor can be a faculty member, or an expert from industry.


Participants submit their ideas for the next big infrastructure project in any of the following categories: road and rail, building and facilities, water and wastewater, cities and mapping, and power generation concerning an environmental challenge that hinders the infrastructure development. Considering optimum use of IoT and the possibility to scale a design model, participants can share their plans to provide a healthy surrounding.  

Participants should consider the following points:  

Number of

people to benefit

from your idea

Smart innovation

The severity of the


Future development

Scalability –

Economical and


The aim is to address the environmental issues, effects, and causes in the respective infrastructure domain. Participants should consider:  











While thinking about the environment and health, participants must incorporate the use of IoT and other technological integrations while conceptualizing the future infrastructure. Participants can share their thoughts on: 


Data Analysis



Social Media

Asset Management

Participants may also think of ways to determine a healthy society for the future and touch on any one or more of the below aspects, depending on the idea chosen:  





Submission Requirements: 

  • Participants must describe the environmental challenge, including the health aspects, and mention the optimum use of IoT in the infrastructure conceptualization. 

     Submission files:  

  • An essay (1000 - 1500 words in a PDF file) describing the infrastructure and ideas to protect and secure the environment, providing a healthy way of using the utilities where IoT can play a role in easing the process and accessibility
  • PowerPoint presentation and video describing your ideas (PowerPoint maximum: 20 slides; Video maximum: 5 minutes)
  • One additional documentation to support your idea in the form of a PDF file (.pdf) That may include any form of research or experiment performed by the participant. (not mandatory) 
  • All the files need to be zipped and saved by the name of your registered email ID before submitting.  

Judging Criteria:  

Participants will be judged and scored based on the number of people who benefit from their idea, their use of smart innovation, the severity of the situation, the capability for future development, and the scalability in terms of economic and construction activities. Judges will also consider how participants address aspects of health and lifestyle.  

The following is the classification of the weightage given: 

  1. Conceptualizing the infrastructure – 50%. 
  2. Addressing the environmental challenges – 30%. 
  3. Optimum use of IoT as part of the solution – 20%.  


  • The challenge starts on 19thApril 2021 with the participant's registration. The last day for submission will be 30th June 2021. 
Results and Qualifications: 10 July 2021.  


  • The top 20 winners will get a cash prize of USD 500. The top 10 winners will also qualify for the next stage: Design and Visualization. 

Voting Lines Open: 

  • The voting lines will open after Conceptualization Stage 1 is over and the top 10 finalists are selected. The top 10 finalists will be judged based on their idea and innovation proposed during Conceptualization Stage 1. The videos of the top 10 finalists will be made available for public viewing and voting on the Bentley Education Portal.   

Design and Visualization  

The top 10 ideas from the Conceptualization stage qualify for this stage.  

  • The purpose of this stage is to have participants create both a design model and a 3D visualization model using a Bentley application. 
  • Participants can consult their mentors—which may include an educator, a subject matter expert, or a professional in the field—to help them build a design model based on their concepts using any Bentley technology 
  • During the design and visualization phase, participants will work on various elements of modeling, designing, scheduling, and visualization with guidance from the mentors supporting them, helping them bring their concepts to a stable design.    
  • Participants will be eligible to attend masterclasses hosted by Bentley subject matter experts The masterclasses will be in the form of self-paced learning, so participants can work on their design models and share them with their mentors for assistance and feedback when required.   

Submission Requirements:

Participants must submit a zip folder that contains the following files.  

  1. The design model and visualization model in the Bentley output file format with all the design files. (Participants will be thoroughly assisted by subject matter experts for their project submission.)
  2. A short video presentation (4 minutes maximum) about the journey from concept to design, including the thinking involved. 

Judging Criteria:  

Participants will be judged and scored on the design parameters and their ability to justify the design language to the judges.

The following is the classification of weightage given to each parameter:  

  1. Modeling and Design – 40%
  2. Analysis of design for stability, economically and scalability – 40%
  3. Final Round Judging – 24th September 2021.


  1. The top 10 finalists to work on their design models from 15 July to 6 September 2021.
  2. The design models can be submitted between 6th September 2021 to 13th September 2021.
  3. Final Round Judging – 24th September 2021.

The Finale 

  1. The finalists will present their ideas in front of an esteemed panel of judges.
  2. The top 3 winners will reserve a seat for presentation in YII 2021. 


The winners will be divided into two categories: by expert opinion and by popular vote

Category 1: Winner by Expert Opinion 

  1. For the expert opinion option, judges in the grand finale will score each finalist based on their efforts on the following judging parameters and weightage. 
  2. Modeling and Design – 40%.
  3. Analysis of design for stability, economically and scalability – 40%.
  4. Presentation – 20%.
  • The winner chosen by expert judges will receive a prize of USD 5,000.  
  • The first runner-up will receive USD 2,000.  

Category 2: Winner by Popular Vote Option 

For the popular vote option, all votes will be made through the Bentley Education platform. The voting lines will open after Conceptualization Stage 1 is over and the top 10 finalists are selected. The top 10 finalists will be judged based on their idea and innovation proposed during Conceptualization Stage 1.  

  1. The finalists with the first highest and second-highest vote count received will be the winner and runner up respectively. 
  2. The videos of the top 10 finalists will be made available for public viewing and voting on the Bentley Education Portal. 
  3. A person must register with their email id on the Bentley Education Portal to vote for their favorite finalist. One registered email id will be allowed to cast one vote. 
  4. The voting lines will open on July 15 and will close on September 19.   
  5. The winners from the popular vote option will be announced on 24thSeptember 2021. 
  • The finalist with the maximum number of votes received on their Bentley Education profile will receive a prize of USD 2,000. 
  • The first runner-up will receive USD 1,000. 

Going Digital Awards: Year in Infrastructure 2021 

The top 3 teams, Winner by Expert Opinion will reserve a slot at the Going Digital Awards: Year in Infrastructure 2021 to showcase their projects and videos as directed.     

If you have any questions, please contact the academic team at