Bentley Education Sponsors Student Steel Bridge Competition – 2022 by AISC & ASCE

Bentley Education congratulates all the students participating in 2022 Student Steel Bridge Competition, conducted jointly by The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

It is our pleasure to be associated with AISC and  ASCE again as the National Software Sponsor for 2022 Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC)! This year marks the 14th year of our partnership with AISC and ASCE.

SSBC provides students with the opportunity to work as a part of design team, to directly apply engineering principles, and to test their skills in steel design, fabrication, scheduling, and project management. We continue to support AISC to foster the professional development of the next generation of engineers who will work in the structural design community and construction industry.

We are committed to providing free access to Bentley desktop applications along with additional training modules and support to all of the participating SSBC teams, through our Bentley Education Portal.

Access and download of software applications through Bentley Education Portal:

Along with comprehensive portfolio of more than 50+ applications across the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) disciplines, as offered complimentary through Bentley Education Portal access to STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition is provided not only for the entire duration of 2022 Student Steel Bridge Competition but throughout your student career, updated annually. Detailed instructions for access and download of the software could be found here. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at  

Access to training content and support:

A series of training videos have been made available for participating SSBC teams.

YouTube Training Course – A curated a training course – “Model Steel Bridge Structures using STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition for the AISC Student Bridge Competition”

  1. Introduction to STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition
  2. Modeling Structural Members in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition
  3. Assigning Properties in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition
  4. Assigning Specifications and Supports in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition
  5. Modelling and loading in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition
  6. Perform Analysis and design in STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition

 On-Demand learning materials (simply sign in using your Bentley Education Portal access credentials, or register!):

Model Generation with STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition (short videos & accompanying practice workbook)

Loading and Analysis with STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition (short videos & accompanying practice workbook with dataset)

 Note: Please refer - SSBC 2022 rules when designing and analyzing your bridge!

Expert forum – Product / Technical Support:

With our RAM | STAAD Forum you can talk to experts at Bentley, and from industry, anytime!  Be sure to tag your Forum questions with #SteelBridge

Live training sessions:

We are in touch with SMEs ( Subject Matter Experts) in our company to possibly schedule live sessions providing training on STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition, based on the need and responses received from the various student teams. To submit a request for a live session, write to us** at  

** Do remember to mention “Student Steel Bridge Competition 2022 – Request”, and provide the “Topic of interest” in your email.

Good Luck to all the participating teams, we look forward to meeting you at the National finals to be held in May 2022!