Bentley Institute's 2019 Student BIM Design Challenge - China

Through the Bentley Institute, we are committed to prepare them for tomorrow's infrastructure workforce, so students can learn the same powerful applications that are in use by infrastructure professionals today. With this mission of ours to empower students with skills required to succeed in the infrastructure industry, student design challenges are organized regularly in various regions globally that help them to unleash their creativity!

As part of such endeavors, Bentley Institute conducted a Student BIM Design Challenge in China with the objective of providing an opportunity to the future professionals to indulge in a "real world" experience through designing infrastructure projects deploying Bentley's powerful and open applications and technology.

The 2019 Student BIM Design Challenge – China concluded in mid–September attracted participation from around 80 schools from across China! To participate in the challenge students were asked to design projects in either "Roads and Civil Design Category" (Bentley applications used - OpenRoads Designer, OpenBridge Designer, OpenRail Designer, ContextCapture and LumenRT) or "Plant and Building Design category" (Bentley applications used - OpenBuildings Designer, ProStructures, OpenPlant Modeler, Substation, ContextCapture, and LumenRT).

The panel of jurors selected a winner in each category from the numerous entries to recognize and reward the innovative and technically advanced projects created by the students.

These contests and wining projects are inspiring more students from various schools in the adjoining regions and globally to partake in such real-world design competitions, thereby enhancing the usage and application of Bentley's tools. The award ceremony of this challenge was held at our Beijing office.