Congratulations! 2016 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition Winner: Chaudhary Arif Ahamed from Asansol Engineering College

On December 22nd, Chaudhary Arif Ahamed from Asansol Engineering College, India was presented with the award for winning the Structural Engineering Design-Advanced category in the 2016 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition.

Left to right: Chaudhary Arif Ahamed and Sanjib Das (Bentley)

The challenge for this category of the 2016 competition was to design a twelve-story commercial use building (including basement), using the modeling tools in STAAD.Pro, that optimizes square footage and follows local building codes and other considerations based upon the building’s location. The foundation was designed using STAAD Foundation Advanced, with typical footings (both isolated and combined types).


Arif is in the final year of his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Asansol Engineering College. He has “a keen interest in design of high rise buildings,” so this category was of greatest interest to him. He used STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 and STAAD Foundation Advanced V8i SS3 to achieve (in his words) “complex calculations – with easy solutions, in no time.”

  Arif discusses his winning project for the audience at the awards ceremony.

His main design focus was to utilize the full available space, without wasting any land, given the crisis for building space in many areas of the world. He accounted for dead and live loads, and the important factor of wind loads (which must always be considered for buildings higher than 5 stories). He also considered the seismic load, performing a response spectrum analysis and a time history analysis.

Arif’s model was judged to be both complete (with all loads considered) and innovative. He says he learned so much while completing his project for the competition, and while also using the software for a minor project in school, that he plans to design and analyze a high rise building for his major project in his final semester.


Arif’s professors and classmates show their support during the awards ceremony.

You can see Arif’s winning project in this 2016 winners video.

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