Congratulations! 2016 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition Winning Team: Huang Junjie, Wu Xincheng & Xu Xiong from Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology, China

On January 9th, a team comprised of Huang Junjie, Wu Xincheng, and Xu Xiong from Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology in Fujian Province, China were presented with their award for winning the Reality Modeling category in the 2016 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition.

Left to right: Dr. Zheng Wu (Bentley), Xiong Xu, Xingcheng Wu, Junjie Huang

The challenge for this category of the 2016 competition was to capture existing conditions, in order to produce a detailed and precise 3D reality model using ContextCapture, to provide real-world context for future development and maintenance efforts in the community.

The winning team was comprised of a trio of second-year undergraduate students—Huang Junjie, Wu Xincheng, and Xu Xiong--from Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology, who are all pursuing a course of study in Surveying. The team is very interested in BIM and wanted to enhance their knowledge of photogrammetry, so the competition (and this category in particular) was of great interest to them.

Gaogai Mountain Road was the infrastructure example that the team selected to photograph and turn into a 3D model, because it was interesting and more challenging than a standard structure with an even or common shape. The road was paved by a retired couple, who volunteered decades of their time and a lot of energy to the task. The students want people to fully understand the spirit and strength of this pioneering couple, and also wished to contribute useful data for maintenance of the road.

The team faced some challenges, such as varying weather conditions that had different effects on the pictures. Also, many other visitors in the area reduced their ability to take pictures efficiently. The three students increased their efficiency by creating a 2 camera rig, with a remote control that they also devised, so they could take more pictures simultaneously. Moving along the log, winding path, they captured a total of 816 pictures.

The team says they benefited from the competition in several aspects: software learning, team cooperation, and insights into 3D reality modeling. The parts of the process that they enjoyed the most were the moment when they got the computing results, and when they presented their project to other students. Their project increased their interest in information management even more, and all three students plan to specialize in BIM after graduation.


The 3D model created using ContextCapture, from photos taken by the team

You can see a video clip of their winning project, navigating through the reality model that the team created, in this 2016 winners video.

The winners discuss their project with Bentley Fellow Dr. Zheng Wu (far left)