Congratulations! 2016 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition Winning Team: Li Yanjie, Ren Hao & Yang Yali from Southwest University of Science and Technology, China

On December 1st, a team comprised of Li Yanjie, Ren Hao, and Yang Yali from Southwest University of Science and Technology (SWUST) in Sichuan Province, China were presented with their award for winning the Reality Modeling and Visualization-Advanced category in the 2016 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition.

Left to right: Ren Hao, Li Yanjie, Yang Yali, Mohit Bradoo (Bentley)

The challenge for this category of the 2016 competition was to take photographs of an existing building, use ContextCapture to convert the pictures into a detailed 3D reality model, and then use Bentley LumenRT to add digital nature and animate the scene—developing a park around the existing structure to create more green space for the community. Creation of a compelling presentation of the new park design, via a video clip made in LumenRT, was also key to the requirements for this category.

The winning team was comprised of a trio of third-year undergraduate students--Li Yanjie, Ren Hao, and Yang Yali—from Southwest University of Science & Technology, all of whom are pursuing a course of study in Project Cost and Project Management.

The building they selected to photograph, to then convert it into a 3D model using ContextCapture, is from a corner of their university’s campus. It looks like a waxing moon and, from a distance, like part of the two fish of Yin-Yang (symbolizing harmony), the core symbol in the Eight Diagrams of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism.

The 3D model created by ContextCapture, from photos taken by the team

Taoism emphasizes living in harmony with Tao, the mother of everything that exists and which can be understood as the power of nature. The team designed their park, which they named “Gossip Garden,” to illustrate the idea that humans should obey the rule of Tao and maintain a balance between nature and human society. The students believe that modern building design should seek to make urbanization in harmony with nature.

In the city it can be difficult to find a balance with nature, so the project goal was to create a park that increases green space and creates a harmonious integration of urban and natural atmospheres. Yanjie Li said that they are looking forward to participating in various types of Bentley Institute initiatives in the future, and to designing even more great projects using Bentley products.


Yanjie Li talks about their project, on behalf of her team, for the audience at the awards ceremony

You can see the animated video clip that the team created of their winning project, with a walk through their park, in this 2016 winners video.