On June 17 Marcin Laskowski and Piotr Sławik, from AGH University of Science and Technology, were presented with the Scott Lofgren Student Design Competition Award for winning the category of Innovation in Bridge/Road Design in the 2014 Bentley Student Design Competition. The award ceremony, held at the Academy of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering in Krakow, was attended by the Dean of the faculty, representatives from the board, and fellow students. The winning project was titled Redesigning of Dębnicki Bridge. The academy has a long tradition of producing winners in this competition, under the guidance of Dr. Ing Artur Krawczyk.


The winning project redesigned the existing Dębnicki Bridge. The low height of the bridge brings the continued risk of damage due to the flow of the river and potential flooding. The aim of the project was to reduce this risk and also to allow for bicycle lanes over the bridge. The students started by first increasing the height of whole structure by approximately 2 meters. The new design did not incorporate the stone pillars of the old bridge. The removal of these pillars increases the flow capacity of the river Vistula. The newly designed bridge is also wider than the original, allowing for the addition of two bicycle lanes and resulting in an easier flow of traffic.


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In the picture, from left side to right:

Artur Krawczyk - Supervisor,  AGH University of Science and Technology

Piotr Sławik - Winner

Marcin Laskowski - Winner

Mirosław Pawelec – Bentley Systems Poland