Practical Architectural Modelling with AECOsim Building Designer, authored by Nigel Davies, offers designers a step-by-step guide to all the fundamental tools for building analysis and design in AECOsim Building Designer—to quickly make you a productive author of BIM data.

This book provides an equal amount of guidance for both new and experienced architects, designers, and engineers. It follows a building design project from the beginning to the end, starting with a structural grid file and 2D plans and sections, progressing through constructing typical building parts, to finalizing drawings and scheduling outputs directly from your BIM model.

Each chapter includes short, hands-on exercises about building design, simulation, analysis, and documentation using Bentley’s BIM application, broken down into small and understandable tasks. This is a practical reference guide that focuses on the challenges you may encounter when addressing BIM methodologies, so you can optimize the potential of your design data.

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