Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management is a text that provides the user with guidance in modeling, analyzing and handling a water distribution system. Written by an international team of industry experts (which includes a Bentley Fellow), the book allows the user to practically apply hydraulic theory to effectively use water distribution models. 

The book provides a guided tour through the water modeling process for practicing engineers as well as students, starting from data collection and field-testing to using a model for system design and complex operational tasks. This text also provides answers to common queries about modeling and distribution systems.

Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management covers topics such as water demand allocation and projection, energy efficiency evaluation, flushing simulation, how to identify and resolve potentially expensive problems, preparing systems for emergency situations like power outages and system contamination, solving operational problems like inadequate fire protection, and more!

Advanced topics are showcased as well, including water quality modeling, optimization techniques for model calibration, and integration of GIS technology and SCADA with water distribution modeling.

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