Find BIM Confusing? Plain Language BIM is the must-read new title from Bentley Institute Press!

We are pleased to offer a new title from Bentley Institute Press: Plain Language BIM by Iain Miskimmin, one of our BIM Advancement Academy experts.

All over the world, more and more governments are mandating BIM standards and deliverables for publicly funded projects. Beginners and those with experience in BIM can all benefit from this new book, to ensure they are thoroughly prepared to be part of industry efforts focused on Advancing BIM.

Plain Language BIM is available as a traditional printed book at, and also as an eBook from Amazon (with the iTunes eBook coming soon).

A huge amount of BIM expertise is packed into this slim volume—for the low price of USD $29 for print copy, and USD $20 for the Kindle edition on Amazon!

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Plain Language BIM condenses years of experience and lessons learned from the BIM Advancement Academy, and guides you through the many complexities of BIM. The vital essence of BIM is gathering data about the asset that is the subject of our BIM process. If we don't have good quality information, delivered in a manner we can understand and consume, and that can be trusted and relied upon, then we cannot decide from the outset whether we need to upgrade, augment, replace, decommission or leave our assets alone. That applies regardless of whether the assets involved are railways, highways, power stations, tunnels, hospitals, schools, etc.

Plain Language BIM covers the three key headings under which every element falls, to create a good BIM practice: People, Process and Technology. It explains how the combination of these aspects plays a crucial role in the lifecycle of an asset, to deliver better outcomes as well as assets. The book also explains the 8 Pillars of BIM Wisdom that ensure best practices and world-class BIM vision.

With this addition to our library, Bentley Institute Press continues to advance the professions through world-class publications for infrastructure that draw upon Bentley’s collective 30 plus years of expertise in infrastructure industries.

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Iain Miskimmin: The author, Iain Miskimmin, has spent the best part of two decades working in support of the infrastructure and construction industries, helping to deliver the first BIM projects in the UK before the questionable acronym was set in stone. Since 2012 he has run the Cross rail/Bentley Information Management Academy and the BIM Advancement Academy in London.

Bill Hoskins: Editor Bill Hoskins was a practicing architect for 25 years. During this time, he became involved in CAD (both 2D and 3D) which led him to develop further expertise in the computer industry. He learned to program in Visual Basic, VBA, and SQL and to develop databases. It was therefore a natural progression to involvement in databases for CAD document management.