Hydraulic modeling with HEC-RAS (Hydrologic Engineering Centre-River Analysis System) is an essential part of floodplain analysis, as it is considered the standard by most engineers routinely involved in river hydraulics modeling. Although learning the mechanics of the software is easy, making the connection between existing streams and their mathematical representation in HEC-RAS is often a challenge for model users. 

Floodplain Modeling using HEC-RAS is a practical guide that covers the requirements of students, as well as professionals who are involved in floodplain management, since it contains expert instruction and advice for floodplain modelers and managers.

Floodplain Modeling using HEC-RAS is a text that will help practicing engineers apply hydraulic models to solve day-to-day problems. It walks you through the fundamental concepts of hydraulics and hydrology, to the process of building the model, and then its application in floodplain analysis. This text also eliminates the confusion of which of the vast number of variables a modeler might need to adjust in their model to produce the desired results.

This book also contains floodplain studies and the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program, the steps to constructing and applying the model to special topics like channel modification, culverts, bridges, and mobile boundary sections, also the impact of unsteady flow.


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