As the fall 2010 semester got underway, Bentley was proud to partner with Dr. Paz Gutierrez-- architect, researcher, BIOMS founder, and assistant professor of Architecture at UC Berkeley-- on an event to showcase the outstanding project work completed by her students using GenerativeComponents.  This presentation, the culmination of the school’s participation in Bentley’s GenerativeComponents University Program, saw students use GC to explore alternative methods of implementing parametric modeling.

An audience of 75 educators, students and practitioners gathered in Wurster Hall’s Arthur Andersen Auditorium for a presentation, poster session and reception featuring upper-level graduate students sharing their spring 2009 and 2010 studio projects.  Five presenting student teams were later joined for a poster session by four more groups.

‘Breathable Membrane’, as authored by Qingyue Li (pictured middle, below) for partner Taeyeon Kwan, proposed a multi-layered building envelope for wind energy generation and air humidification.         


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This was followed by Lan Hu presenting the project she completed with Jungmin An entitled ‘Hygroshell’, a self-regulated transmission membrane.



Plamena Milusheva then led us through ‘Salt Habitats’, an operative a-climactic system.



Next, the team of John Faichney, Steven Brummond and Rocky Hanish (L to R below, with Dr. Gutierrez), shared ‘Pneu-Urbanism’, their concept for deployable disaster relief infrastructure for damaged urban conditions in flood-prone areas.  Their research included the Port-Au-Prince earthquake, Indonesia Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina.


The final presentation, offered by Kyung Jin Han, Chun Sing Kwan, and Timothy Kim, was ‘Flash Pneumatics’, a pneumatic shelter system with flash-flood driven protective aggregation.


Following the presentation portion of the evening, our guests enjoyed a catered reception and poster session.  During this time, they engaged the authors on their individual projects, examined models, and learned about the role GC played in process. 

This excellent studio work, along with images of all of the additional poster session projects, will be available for future viewing in an online gallery Bentley is currently building. 

Please return to this blog for the link to those images, which will be added upon completion.