On Thursday, January 19th I attended the opening reception for the Agent Structures Exhibit at Pratt Institute, a showcase of inspiring designs by students using GenerativeComponents (GC).

The Agent Structures exhibition is a series of investigations created by students in Professor Robert Cervellione’s Arch 711A studio at Pratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture and Urban Design program.

The seminar used swarm intelligence as a premise for form finding, and as a framework for generating space and structure based on simple rules and logic—from design all the way through fabrication and construction of full-scale installations.

The result was 5 structures, each with a unique theme as determined by the student design team.

Get Inside Me: Simon Chawky, Michael Leach & Adrian von der Osten


Litestix: Vida Chang,  Frances Fox & Bridget Rice

NOKaidoscope:  Alanna Kleiner, Lan Nguyen & Yasin Ozdemir

Outbreak: Michael Austin & Manuel Castaneda


Urban Narrative:  Ahide Sanchez & Vivi Xin

I congratulate all of the students behind these projects for their creativity and enthusiasm, and heartily reiterate their thanks to Professor Cervellione for his mentorship of all of his students.

This exhibition will run until February 3rd, 2012, in the Hazel and Robert Siegel Gallery at Pratt.  If you find yourself in Brooklyn during the next two weeks, stop by Pratt and see for yourself!

Click here to learn more about GenerativeComponents, and how it enables designers to achieve results that were virtually unthinkable before.