Get Started with STAAD.Pro! Analysis and Design of Structures – A Practical Guide to Modeling

Bentley´s STAAD.Pro allows engineers to design and analyze virtually any structure, from any material, anywhere in the world. Our companion text is a technical reference guide focused on putting theory into practice, relating over 80 international design codes and design requirements utilized by STAAD.Pro.

Analysis and Design of Structures - A Practical Guide to Modeling, authored by D. Trevor Jones, offers guidance to provide the necessary construction details to ensure project requirements and design intentions are successfully met. Design of steel and concrete structures, and the application of various load types, are covered in a concise format, enabling structural engineers to achieve reliable results.

Extensive details are included about STAAD.Pro´s open architecture and the potential to integrate with other Bentley software (such as STAAD Foundation Advanced and RAM Connection) as well as third-party programs like Microsoft Excel.  

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