Designers and managers of urban stormwater conveyance systems are increasingly being required to consider innovative approaches that minimize runoff production, through capturing and treating water on site before releasing it downstream, to protect vulnerable areas against destructive flooding.

Stormwater Conveyance Modeling and Design guides the modeler through the process of building, loading, and calibrating a hydraulic model—by combining the fundamental concepts of hydraulics and hydrology with their practical application in the real world. Authored by Dr. Rocky Durrans, with the help of a team of contributing authors, this practical guide covers the many components of storm sewer systems, like inlets, open channels, gutters, culverts, detention facilities, and pumping.

Stormwater Conveyance Modeling and Design touches on topics like: Hydrologic analysis methods; Types and sources of rainfall data; Hydrograph development using a unit hydrograph; Design of stormwater pumping facilities; and much more! Readers can use the knowledge to build a better model and a more effective system as a result. 

This guide assists engineers who plan, design, and implement stormwater conveyance systems, acting as a one-stop, comprehensive textbook for all of your stormwater needs. 


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