Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors are instrumental in bridging the gap between academic learning and the enhancement of technical skills needed by industry. The global network of students acts as a liaison between Bentley and their schools, facilitating a two-way communication between the institution and Bentley.

Ameya Sanjay Sane from Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Chennai, India was appointed as Student Ambassador in his final year of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering course. Ameya was chosen because of his keen interest in Software learning. Throughout his tenure, Ameya has helped his peers understand how they can access Bentley’s solutions and create awareness of the benefits of the same. First, he ensured that the software relevant to their curriculum was installed on the computers of his institution. He also visited all the classes of his department to make the students aware of the various benefits of the Academic Subscription showing them how they can create their accounts on the STUDENTserver and access its benefits. He put together a group of students who were willing to learn Bentley’s solutions and helped them download the software in their computers as well, showing them methods of self-learning by accessing Online Training materials on the STUDENTserver.

In the month of October 2017, he arranged an Introductory session on MAXSURF for the students of his institute which covered the features and functions of the MAXSURF Suite and an Introduction to modeling with NURBS. The session was in hands on - tutorial format where the students had the time to follow the steps on their own computer.

In the month of November 2017, Ameya arranged a follow-up session for students with a basic understanding of MAXSURF Modeler and Stability. The session covered some techniques for modeling tanks and compartments that are more complex than covered in most University level courses. It covered - Linking Tanks to make complex shapes, Using dummy surfaces for complex geometry and Workflow between MAXSURF Modeler and Stability. The session was also in hands on - tutorial format where the students had the time to follow the steps on their own computer.

Ameya continued to provide orientation to his juniors and also created a document wherein he curated all the LEARN Material from Bentley’s STUDENTserver on MAXSURF and shared it with the students for their Online Training.

All sessions were attended by nearly 60 students each time. Ameya’s initiatives created keenness among the students of his department to make use of Bentley’s offerings as a part of their learning to become trained infrastructure professionals. He is thankful to have had the opportunity to assist the students to further their academic learning with the aid of Bentley’s technology.

We would like to recognize Ameya for his efforts as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador on his campus and wish him luck for his future endeavors!