Bentley Institute’s Academic Program is committed to helping prepare students for tomorrow’s infrastructure workforce. Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors also help take that vision forward at their institutions, by introducing their peers to the many resources available to them from Bentley.

Akash Shah of Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, India was appointed as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador in August 2015 by the faculty committee of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. They nominated him due to his active involvement in extracurricular activities, excellent academic performance, and amazing leadership qualities. Throughout his tenure as an Ambassador, Akash has organized various activities to help the students in his institute improve their technology skills.

After his appointment as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador, in September 2015 he organized a virtual session on MXROAD for 80 of his fellow students, followed by a live session on MicroStation in January 2016 attended by 50 students. Akash also organized an introductory session for the juniors in his college in February 2016, to make certain they were aware of the comprehensive software portfolio and training opportunities available to them from Bentley. He explained the uses and application of various software tools, so students better understood how technology can help improve their projects—when used in combination with their theoretical knowledge. He also arranged for sessions on ContextCapture in October 2016 and February 2017, to introduce Reality Modeling to the students of his campus, which was attended by 70 students who were amazed by the possibilities of this technology.

Apart from organizing events on his campus, Akash has also taken advantage of other opportunities to learn about Bentley and its offerings. He attended the Connection Event in August 2015, the Learn Conference in December 2015, a BIM workshop organized by Bentley at IIT Bombay in March 2016, and a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador meeting in Pune in March 2016.

Akash says the opportunity to help support and guide his fellow collegemates, by introducing various software of Bentley, was something he enjoyed the most as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador. He also says that being a Student Ambassador was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him, which helped him connect with experts from various fields and build a strong network that served as a significant stepping stone for the beginning of his career.

Akash has secured admission at Georgia Institute of Technology, to pursue a Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management. Following his Masters degree, he wishes to develop software for Construction Management and Facility Management and work at a construction software development company.

We were glad to have Akash as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador and would like to congratulate Akash on his accomplishments so far. We have little doubt that he will continue to shine in all his future endeavors!