Meet our Bentley Institute Student Ambassador: Anil Can Yildirim, from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey.

The Bentley Institute Student Ambassador Program encourages future infrastructure professionals to take on a leadership role and help bridge the chasm between academic learning and industry demands. A Bentley Student Ambassador is a go-to person for students and educators to get acquainted with Bentley’s software, various infrastructure projects, and the variety of professions that leverage Bentley’s technology.

Bentley Student Ambassadors are either nominated by the management of their institution, or volunteer for the role and are approved by Bentley Institute. They are then trained by Bentley Institute so that they, in turn, can share their knowledge with fellow students at their college or university. They arrange training and activities on their school’s campus related to infrastructure projects that encourage the use of technology in a fun and creative way amongst their fellow students.

This month, we are glad to introduce you to Anil Can Yildirim, our Bentley Institute Student Ambassador from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey. Anil is a final year student of Environmental Engineering and took on the responsibilities of a Student Ambassador for his campus in September 2017.


As an enthusiastic learner himself, Anil has organized many virtual sessions on WaterGEMS for students of Environmental Engineering (quite helpful to his fellow students, since it is used as part of their course) and also sessions on reality modeling with ContextCapture for students from various majors on his campus. His faculty members recognize him as a brilliant coordinator for student learning activities with a passion for learning new technology, the result being that all the virtual sessions on his campus had a minimum of 50 attendees each time.

The highlight of his Student Ambassador tenure came when he organized a workshop at the ITU campus on Reality Modeling with ContextCapture in November 2017. His efforts in publicizing and networking for this event resulted in an enormous registration of 600 students and more than 300 ITU student attendees from various majors for this workshop. Ahmed Taha, Bentley Colleague Ambassador, presented various aspects of Reality Modeling with ContextCapture and its use in the fields of environmental engineering, architecture, and civil engineering, with a live demonstration of how to use photos to quickly and easily create a 3D model.


Anil says that he is thankful to Bentley Institute for giving him the opportunity of being a Student Ambassador, since learning new technology is a valuable addition to every student’s skill set and will increase his chances of an easier assimilation in future job opportunities.

He plans to pursue his master's degree after his graduation and aspires to work in the software development sector. He aspires to combine Environmental engineering knowledge with technology to the benefit of the world, by considering sustainability and zero waste approaches in engineering design and analysis software.

At Bentley Institute, we are glad that we have some like Anil to act as a Student Ambassador, with his great perspective about the future of technology. We wish him all success and for his future career!