A Bentley Institute Student Ambassador is proactive on his or her campus, helping fellow classmates to learn and prosper in their discipline by using interactive methods. Student Ambassadors either volunteer, or are nominated by their professors, and then are selected by Bentley. The activities conducted by Student Ambassadors help them to enhance their technical and people skills, as they lead events (both on their campus and also virtually) that support and promote student learning related to technology and industry trends.

Chaudhary Arif Ahamed of Asansol Engineering College, India found out about the Student Ambassador program and immediately expressed interest in acting as a leader to empower the students in his campus. The opportunity of being part of a global network of Student Ambassadors, and being able to access all the latest resources related to technological advancement, appealed to him. He had participated in the 2016 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition and, when exploring the Bentley Academic Programs page on Bentley Communities, he found out about the Student Ambassador program. He realized that his batch mates should make use of Bentley’s offerings too—which he could help them with. Arif also won the category Structural Engineering – Advanced; you can read a detailed story here.

Since his appointment as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador in December 2016, Arif has been creating awareness among his fellow students of the many Bentley resources available to them and encouraging them to take advantage of those offerings as part of their learning. He also makes it his mission to help his classmates understand the significance of attending webinars and learning technology as a means of improving their career prospects.

Arif even created videos on YouTube to keep students at his school informed, as a way to reach them effectively using the platform most frequented by the students. He likes taking up challenges, which he thinks is part and parcel of being a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador—and a great incentive, as well. Arif taught himself how to use STAAD.Pro by using the materials on STUDENTserver, and by interacting with the experts on Bentley Communities. He also follows the STAAD.Pro product community, which gives him a view into real world applications of the structural engineering software by practicing professionals.

The more Arif learns himself, the more he feels privileged to be able to share his knowledge with his peers. He also can be sure to keep his classmates informed about the opportunities and resources available to them, to help them learn Bentley software. He believes use of the software helps him improve his skills as a structural engineering student, and wants others to enjoy that benefit as well. Together, he and his classmates can better prepare for their future careers.