The Bentley Institute Student Ambassador Program helps students from different parts of the globe exchange ideas about leveraging technology to effectively prepare for careers in infrastructure industries. They are the go-to person on their campus that helps and guides their peers, facilitating two-way communication between the institution and Bentley. Also, Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors keep the faculty members at their school informed of all planned activities, and help them to integrate Bentley’s offerings in their curriculum.

Jangka Rulianto, of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia is a third-year undergraduate student of the Marine Manufacture and Design Department. He has been an ardent contributor to  Bentley’s Student Ambassador Program, facilitating events at his university that increase awareness about Bentley’s offerings and the many benefits for students.

Jangka also tutors his peers in Bentley’s MAXSURF in his department laboratory, twice a week, to help support continuous learning by the students. These activities are focused on training the students so they can create their final project, including introductory sessions on MAXSURF for students in first year of the program in the department of Marine Engineering.

Jangka says the majority of the student projects involve design, so it is important that they learn how to operate the software and take full advantage of its capabilities. He also notes that some students may worry that learning the software will be difficult--but they will have a much more difficult time with their project if they don’t learn how to use it!

After his graduation, he wants to undertake a Masters degree program in Ship Design, and then he intends to pursue a Doctoral program in Ship Design and be a Marine Engineer and design ships.

We congratulate Jangka on his achievements and encourage his enthusiasm and support of other students by being an active Bentley Institute Student Ambassador. We look forward to seeing what he does next!