Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors are on a mission to build connections with students, in order to empower them. Student Ambassadors use their social and public relations skills to engage with students attending their university or institute. Their goal is to share their knowledge about technology and resources available from Bentley, to further their peers’ education in fun ways, and to help prepare fellow students for their careers in the infrastructure industry.

The Ambassadors form a global network of young minds that are building a pool of knowledge and fresh ideas. Ambassadors take up the role of a leader, conducting activities on their campuses that support learning and help their fellow students to use software in innovative ways.

For the last month of the year, we wish to recognize Kailin Huang, a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador studying at Fuzhou University, in Fujian Province, China. Kailin is pursuing Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and is in the second year of his undergraduate degree. He is a fast learner and has been actively contributing since his appointment as an Ambassador on the month of October 2016.

Kailin has organized and led sessions to educate his fellow students on MicroStation and ContextCapture, wherein he guided students on how to breathe life into a 3D Model from 2D images, and visualize a model using Bentley’s technology while further understanding its feasibility in reality. He has also led sessions on LumenRT, along with MicroStation and ContextCapture, attended by 100 students and nearly 30 professors.

Kailin takes interest in knowing the most advanced technology in order to advance his own career prospects, and believes in sharing his knowledge. He wants to align his theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge, by applying Bentley’s software to his projects. He would also like to apply his knowledge to understand the concept of BIM. He wishes to be an expert in Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and a master of developing BIM-related software, since he hopes to be able to contribute to the development of both engineering and software that supports the needs of engineers.

We want to congratulate Kailin on his contribution and recognize his enthusiasm in being a learner and a leader at the same time. We encourage and support the positive impact that Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors—who are resourceful, communicative, and passionate about technology like Kailin—have on the learning experience for students, and look forward to even more great results from Kailin with his future Ambassador activities!