Meet our Bentley Institute Student Ambassador: Mohit Nagpal from Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) in Germany

The Bentley Institute Student Ambassador Program helps students to acquire the technology skills needed by industry, by creating a global network of students acting as liaisons between Bentley Institute and their colleges or universities.

Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors help students and educators at their school to become familiar with Bentley software and supporting learning resources, through fun and informative activities and seminars. They act as leaders and coordinators for their campus, and inspire fellow students by also sharing examples of amazing infrastructure projects and information about key trends in industries that are advancing infrastructure.

Mohit Nagpal, Bentley Institute Student Ambassador from Technical University of Dresden in Germany, is a second-year Master’s student of Advanced Computational Civil Engineering and Structural Studies. He says his liking for organizing events and networking motivated him to take on the opportunity of being a student ambassador for TU Dresden.

After being appointed as a Student Ambassador in April 2017, Mohit helped organize seven virtual learning sessions for his peers on various topics, including: Reality Modelling, MicroStation, ContextCapture, BIM for Infrastructure, and AECOsim Building Designer. Every session saw an active participation of more than 20 students, as a result of the coordination and promotion efforts from Mohit.

Mohit always makes sure that his campus students are regularly updated about all of Bentley’s programs. He is also someone who will never hesitate to lend a helping hand to organize or support an engagement activity that supports student learning. Each time a virtual session is planned, he assures that it is well promoted in his campus; he not only makes announcements in classes but also goes beyond that by publishing information on internal Facebook groups and sending emails to his peers. He also actively guides his peers during these training sessions to help them better understand and absorb the information and advance their technology skills.

Mohit notes that it is a matter of pride for him to be a representative of a technology company that he always been inclined toward since his graduation days, due to the easy interface and speed of Bentley’s software solutions. He also mentions that he is sure that that these learnings will surely guide him and his peers to meet the infrastructure industry demands in the future.

We would like to thank Mohit for being an excellent coordinator and leader at TUD, helping his fellow students prepare for their future careers. We are confident that he is up for all the challenges that his own career holds for him, far into the future!