The Bentley Institute Student Ambassador Program provides students with many opportunities to apply (and further develop) their technical, innovative, and management skills, becoming more polished for their future careers. Being a Student Ambassador allows them to showcase their talents in various activities and adopt the role of a leader on their campus. The global network of ambassadors helps students around the world exchange ideas about leveraging technology to effectively prepare for careers in infrastructure industries.

Each Bentley Institute Student Ambassador is either nominated by educators at their school or volunteers and is then approved by Bentley. Ow Yu Zen, Bentley Institute Student Ambassador at Universiti Malaysia Pahang, was vouched for by the former Bentley Institute Student Ambassador of his institute. He was then nominated by his educators to take up the position, when the former ambassador graduated.

Ow Yu Zen is a fourth year student of the Faculty of Engineering Technology, studying Infrastructure Management. With an aim to introduce his peers to different kinds of products and disciplines, he organized a virtual session on structural design and analysis with STAAD.Pro in the month of March 2017. That session was followed by a second virtual session in April 2017 on naval engineering with MAXSURF.

With these activities, he exposed his fellow students to a variety of Bentley solutions and made them aware how they can use them in their studies, providing them with the opportunity to hone their hands-on technical skills in several fields of engineering. Ow Yu Zen enjoys sharing this knowledge with the students and encouraging them to use Bentley’s solutions to improve their projects and their understanding of engineering optimization. To enhance his own skills, he makes use of the video materials available via Bentley’s STUDENTserver. That way, he always keeps learning—just as he encourages his classmates to do.

After his graduation, he hopes to enter the engineering consultancy industry and further sharpen his design and analysis skills, as an engineering technologist. 

Ow Yu Zen is just getting started and we wish to acknowledge his efforts to support his classmates so far. We wish him the very best for all he plans to do in the remainder of this year, as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador!