The Bentley Institute Student Ambassador Program bridges the gap between academic learning and the technology skills needed by industry, by creating a global network of students acting as liaisons between Bentley and their colleges or universities.

Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors help students and educators become familiar with Bentley software and supporting learning resources, through fun and informative activities and seminars. They act as leaders on their campus and inspire fellow students, by sharing examples of amazing infrastructure projects and information about key trends in industries that are advancing infrastructure.

Bentley wishes to recognize Rizky Irvana, a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador studying at University of Darma Persada, Indonesia. Rizky is a third year Naval Architecture student, who set a perfect example of how to lead by action. Within just a few months of his appointment as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador, in the beginning of 2016, he assisted in successfully organizing two on-campus events with the help of Bentley colleagues.


Rizky helped the faculty at University of Darma Persada with arrangements for the technology learning sessions, and even installed MOSES Advanced in the computer laboratory for use during the workshop. He acted as an instructional assistant during the workshop, helping students if they fell behind the group. The first session was an introductory presentation on MOSES Advanced for 50 first-year students; the second session was a hands-on workshop for 15 higher level students.

Rizky takes an active interest in supporting his fellow students as they seek to improve their use of Bentley’s solutions, especially MAXSURF Enterprise, and has plans to arrange more sessions in the near future.


We wish Rizky the best with his future endeavors as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador, and congratulate him on his accomplishments so far!