The Bentley Institute Student Ambassador Program bridges the gap between academic learning and the technology skills needed by industry, by creating a global network of students acting as liaisons between Bentley and their colleges or universities.

 Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors help students and educators become familiar with Bentley software and supporting learning resources, through fun and informative activities and seminars. They act as leaders on their campus and inspire fellow students, by sharing examples of amazing infrastructure projects and information about key trends in industries that are advancing infrastructure.

This month we wish to recognize Xi Zhang, a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador studying at Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, Harbin Heilongjiang Province, China. Xi Zhang is a second year road and bridge engineering student, who is actively spreading his interest in—and knowledge about—Bentley software among his peers.

Within a month of his appointment as a Student Ambassador on his campus, he organized an event to educate his peers about how they can advance their career prospects by using several of the applications in Bentley’s academic software suite in their studies. He helped arrange training sessions for students and faculty members, in coordination with the professors, and distributed learning material among his peers to further support their learning.

Xi Zhang also actively guided his peers during these training sessions, which included introductions to MicroStation, ContextCapture and LumenRT. These workshops helped open the door for 60 students at Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, to discover the possibilities of Reality Modeling.

Xi Zhang says he is excited to take advantage of the array of solutions provided by Bentley’s Academic Program, and can definitely benefit from its comprehensive suite of infrastructural software. Having familiarized himself with Bentley’s solutions, he feels like he has a sea of opportunities in front of him to explore and better prepare for his future career. He next plans to better understanding the concepts of BIM and take that interest further.

We thank Xi Zhang for his accomplishments so far, in support of his fellow students, and cannot wait to see what he does next in his role as a Bentley Institute Student Ambassador!