In order to grab the opportunity to volunteer as a Bentley Student Ambassador, you need to be excited to become the go-to person for students and educators at your school. You will also get acquainted with Bentley software, various infrastructure projects, and industries that use Bentley’s software. Bentley Student Ambassadors are either nominated by educators at their school or volunteer and are then approved by Bentley. They are then trained by Bentley Academic Team, so they can share and enhance that knowledge with fellow students from various engineering streams.

Bentley would like to recognize Kevin Coleman, one of our newly appointed Bentley Student Ambassador, from Penn. State, U.S.A. Kevin has attended session on benefits of PSU's Academic SELECT Subscription presented by Jason Slocum. He is proactively sharing information about available software and training opportunities with his classmates. Kevin has also helped Bentley in creating STUDENTserver awareness throughout his campus, because of which many students have joined STUDENTserver to gain more knowledge on Bentley Products.

Kevin proposed an idea of having future sessions in groups as per specific disciplines, as in this way we can tailor Bentley sessions to a specific crowd.

KUDOS to Kevin!