The Bentley Student Ambassador Program strives to bridge the gap between academic learning and the technology skills needed by industry, by creating a global network of students acting as liaisons between Bentley and their colleges or universities.

Bentley Student Ambassadors become the go-to person at their school, ensuring that students and educators become familiar with Bentley software. They are also inspired by infrastructure projects leveraging our solutions, and follow developments in industries that are advancing infrastructure. Ambassadors act as leaders on their campus, arranging activities and seminars for students that encourage the use of Bentley technology in fun and creative ways.


Bentley would like to recognize Rahul Thakur, a Student Ambassador who is in the final year of earning his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Baddi University. He attended one of the events organized at his campus by Bentley's Academic team, in June 2015, after which he became an ambassador for his school.

Since becoming a Bentley Student Ambassador, Rahul has spread the word around his campus about the many resources available through Bentley’s Academic Program. For example, he encouraged faculty and students to take advantage of Bentley's webinars for Academic users. As a result, over 200 attendees from Baddi University benefited from three webinars in particular, last fall.

Rahul also organized a session on STAAD.Pro, and introduced his peers to Bentley's STUDENTserver. He travelled far from his hometown to attend the Bentley LEARNing conference last year, in order to gather even more knowledge to share when he returned to his campus. He is currently planning events on his campus, in coordination with Bentley's Academic team, to help students at Baddi University gain even more knowledge about the software solutions provided by Bentley.

Kudos to Rahul Thakur, for supporting his fellow students as a Bentley Student Ambassador!