The Bentley Student Ambassador Program is an umbrella program for various opportunities that help you get involved on campus, including volunteering and participating in certain workshops.

Bentley Student Ambassador program is an attempt to bridge the chasm between academic learning and industry by creating a global network of student ambassadors who will act as a link between Bentley Systems and their campus.

Bentley Student Ambassador is go-to person for students and educators to get acquainted with Bentley software, various infrastructure projects and industries that use Bentley’s software. Bentley Student Ambassador is chosen and nominated by the institution management and will be trained by Bentley, in turn to share their knowledge with fellow students from various engineering streams. They will lead on campus to arrange training and activities related to infrastructure projects that encourage the use of technology in a fun and creative way amongst the fellow students.


Robert Benko is a newly appointed Student Ambassador doing his post-graduation in Industrial Geodesy (Specialization) from AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland.He approached one of our academic team member and gathered details about Bentley Academic Program. He was pretty impressed by our Academic Program and wanted to arrange a webinar/presentation for students.

So in November 2015, he took the initiative to organize a webinar which was given by Michael Corteyn on “An introduction to Bentley Academics and the new applications ContextCapture  and  LumenRt”. Michael also gave presentation on Introduction to BIM.The webinar was arranged for students and the faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering. It also included the faculties of Geodesy, Surveying and Cartography as well.At the same time, he explained the opportunities that Bentley provide for the students.He said that he is also interested to help us to extend the reach of Webinars & Seminars within his campus and the nearby colleges.

Robert has an intention to continue this cooperation to promote our products and get more of his fellow students involved and also planning to arrange more seminars for students and faculties in future.

We Congratulate to Robert Benko, for doing such great job as a Bentley Student Ambassador and we look forward to have more active ambassadors in 2016!