At the National University of Singapore, over 160 first year students enrolled in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering used Microstation 2D and 3D for problem solving and to equip themselves with fundamental knowledge and skill in computer-aided engineering graphics.

Students were asked to design an on-campus recreation centre, in which they can plant and grow their imagination and innovation on a piece of land limited to 200m by 300m. This project is a part of the requirement of the module: CE2409 – Computer Applications in Civil Engineering. The over 60 teams of students, each team comprised two or three members, developed more than 60 distinctive designs of the recreation centre through the versatile resources and tools available in Microstation.  

The champion team was Group 09 who used their creative skills to generate a helical shaped stadium with a central podium, which consists of an island-style theatre surrounded by an elegantly shaped swimming pool. The top view of the entire design resembles the Chinese character “丰(fēng)”, which means “abundance”. The inside of the recreation centre included a wide spectrum of facilities, including the gym, squash courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, volley ball courts, table tennis tables, billiards sets, etc. Other amenities included a dining area, a “friends’ corner” bar area, sauna rooms, reading rooms, and the reception area. Professor Xudong Qian was particularly impressed with the blend of contrasting colours in the innovatively shaped structures. Considerations were provided for disability access, crowd movement and access to various facilities were paramount.

The runner-up team was Group 41. This team put in a lot of effort in creating sports facilities which included a 4-D cinema, indoor sky diving, go-kart tracks, diving pools, and indoor gardens (inspired by the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore). The other facilities included the bowling alleys, billiard room, basketball courts, netball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, track and fields, etc. The entire design by Group 41 represented a dynamic combination of the state-of-the-art recreation facilities harmonized in a modern tertiary institute.  

Ivy Branson, Bentley’s Academic Director SEAPac was impressed with the students’ work, since the majority of these First Year students were exposed to Microstation for the very first time. “They certainly let their imagination run wild” Ivy commented.

 Professor Xudong awarded the following “fun” prizes for the students to relieve them from the stresses in the examination period: