Now Available, via STUDENTserver, in Take Online Training:

A new learning opportunity is available for users of AECOsim Building Designer.

This course teaches the skills necessary to create a 3D PDF of a BIM model and review the PDF document.

In STUDENTserver, under Take Online Training, select the following:

Product Category:   Building Analysis and Design

Product Name:   AECOsim Building Designer

Clicking on the product name will open the Student Learning Path for the product.

Scroll down to find the title Create and Review a 3D PDF of a BIM Model

Through a mixture of short lectures and hands-on modules, you will learn about:

  • Attaching and editing the Bentley PDF Configuration file
  • How to include Data Group properties in the PDF
  • Print settings for creating a 3D PDF
  • Using View Navigation tools in the PDF
  • Render and Lighting settings in the PDF
  • Creating Cross Sections in the PDF
  • Controlling Level Display in the PDF
  • Viewing Data Group properties in the PDF

After you complete modules they will appear in the OnDemand eLearning section of your Professional Training Transcript.

As you build your expertise, you can demonstrate it to others; go to the Review Transcript section of STUDENTserver, and send your transcript to potential employers.

Keep learning, and have fun creating 3D PDFs of your BIM models!