Now Available, via STUDENTserver, in Take Online Training:

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new learning path for users of InRoads, GEOPAK, MXROAD, and PowerCivil—all powered by the OpenRoads Technology.

This series of courses teaches Roadway Designers how to model an urban roadway and intersection. A new user can quickly get started and reach a basic level of mastery. Start by creating a blank file and progress through the design workflow, including: existing ground terrain, centerline horizontal and vertical geometry, edge of pavement geometry, corridor modeling, intersection modeling, and deliverables.

In STUDENTserver, under Take Online Training:

Product Category:   Road & Site Design

Product Name:   Choose either Bentley InRoads Suite, Bentley GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite, Bentley MXROAD, or PowerCivil (depending upon local preference).

That will open the Student Learning path, for the product, which includes a 'Quickstart' series of courses for Roadway Designers Using OpenRoads Technology. In 7 short courses, you will learn about:

  • Workspaces and User Interface
  • Viewing Existing Ground Terrain
  • Define Horizontal Geometry
  • Define Vertical Geometry
  • Define Roadway Corridor Model
  • Model Intersection with a Civil Cell
  • Delivering the Civil Model

When you complete modules they will appear in the OnDemand eLearning section of your Professional Training Transcript.

You can then demonstrate your expertise, by going to the Review Transcript section of STUDENTserver and sending your transcript to potential employers.

Don’t just sit there....go learn!