Meander Takes Off

The Bentley Institute Press is proud to announce the release of its latest title, Meander – Variegating Architecture.  The book featuring the teaching of Professor Ferda Kolatan and Professor Jenny Sabin was launched at the University of Pennsylvania this past Monday.  Featuring an entirely new approach to research based practices, Meander focuses on new ways that architecture can be made, employed, and enjoyed.

This beautifully illustrated, full color text is the latest publication from the Bentley Institute Press.  Following on the worldwide success of Architectural Geometry, Meander takes design even further into the experimental realms of generative design and its applications. 

Robert Woodbury, Professor at Simon Fraser University and author of Elements of Parametric Design said, “It’s an absolutely marvelous book as a course reference for our school.  I am already using the Meander book in my teaching.”

Kolatan and Sabin explore their subject in-depth, with rigor and sophistication, working back and forth between the realm of pure research and application.  Their research builds on the shared platforms and networks that have evolved over the past two decades to focus on the production of variegated organizations. It tests the social, cultural, and aesthetic potential of such architectures at different scales and in different materials.

This book is possible because of recent advances in computation, material intelligence and fabrication technologies have begun to fundamentally alter our theoretical understanding of general design principles as well as our practical approach towards architecture and research. Rather than describing just another incremental progression in technology, these developments point to a much larger shift in design culture, one that suggests a deeper organicism of interrelated parts, material components and building ecology.

The hope of this book is to give a comprehensive picture of the nature of these opportunities and to formulate a new set of criteria, which help position this work outside the purely experimental and ultimately engage its principles in contemporary architecture practice.


Meander – Variegating Architecture is available for purchase from the Bentley Institute Press and via