STUDENTserver Guide

                                STUDENTserver GUIDE 

Via STUDENTserver, students and educators can gain personal access to the same powerful software that is in use by infrastructure professionals, along with learning resources to help you succeed. You can learn whenever and wherever you like, and build a transcript with certificates of completed learning to showcase your technical expertise. STUDENTserver is your gateway to a range of on-demand videos, hands-on practice workbooks, and skills assessments. Visit -

 Advantages of STUDENTserver

  • STUDENTserver is free for all professors and students at Bentley Empowered (Be) Careers subscribing schools.
  • Lifts the Burden: With one-step administration, you can lift the burden of student entitlement support. Simply administer a single school code for all professors and students to gain access to STUDENTserver. By eliminating the workload associated with distributing Bentley software at your institution, it now becomes easy to fulfill requirements from professors and departments.
  • Relieves Time Pressure: Because STUDENTserver offers self-serve resources--including Bentley product downloads, training, networking, and troubleshooting --you will experience reduced pressure from urgent requests by professors and students, giving you more time to focus on other responsibilities.
  • Offers Convenient and Practical Fulfillment: With automatic entitlement fulfillment, STUDENTserver registers students on, distributes software for home use, provides licenses to students and faculty, and maintains the software licenses and training entitlements. Your school can now offer these entitlements without necessitating additional work for you and improve your service level to professors and students.


Instructions to Download & Activate Bentley Software

 Create an account on STUDENTserver:

  1. Visit STUDENTserver: 

       2. Click on Register Button


  1. New user will be directed to 'create your profile page'


  1. Please enter the requested details in the 'create your profile' form. 
  1. Click on the verification link which you will receive in your mailbox ( incase, you don't receive please check SPAM/JUNK mail box)


  1. Set Password


        7. This will complete your registration for STUDENTserver.


  1. Now go back to & sign in into STUDENTserver

       9. Click on Download Software Link, it will prompt for a "School Code" 


       10. After entering the school code click on 'submit'


      11. Now 'close' the window. Go to the STUDENTserver homepage 

             Sign in and click on the 'Download Software' and accept the 'Connect Agreement'


  1. You will be directed to 'Software Download Page' where you can download various Bentley software



  1. You can now visit STUDENTserver anytime for the below offerings -
  • Self-service downloads of a comprehensive software portfolio
  • Licensing for personal computers
  • Access to on-demand, self-paced learning and student learning paths

Activate Software:

  1. Many of our products now use Subscription Entitlement Service (SES). So, in order to activate the product, students just need to sign in using their STUDENTserver login credentials in CONNECTION Client whenever prompted
  2. For more details & stepwise guide visit: How do I activate my Bentley Software?

If you still have any queries, you can contact us at