IS 13920:2016_Compatibility Issue

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Please resolve our query.


While designing with IS-13920:2016 , we encountered some warning in our structure. As per our understanding , Staad.Pro CONNECT EDITION (Version:  is capable of Designing RCC Structure as per IS 13920:2016.


Our question is whether it is capable of Designing for Open Structure as per IS 13920:2016.? As per Staad there is a parameter “GLD/EUDL” which take cares the equivalent floor UDL  load in beam design to generate the Plastic enhance shear as per Clause 6.3.2 of IS 13920:2016.


We have a Pipe Rack consisting of  Steel Superstructure in Concrete Columns. We have to design the Concrete Columns & Beams as per the IS:13920-2016. How should we take care the effect of ” GLD/EUDL” Parameters in Staad Pro for these type of structure?

Whether staad will calculate the Internal all forces for generation of Plastic shear in Beam & design accordingly?

Also we have tried to put commands as per IS:13920-2016, but it is showing some warnings as below;

  • Dear Atanu,

    In STAAD, if you use IS:13920 code for designing beams and columns for any structure, program would internally follow all the provision of IS:456-2002 code and it would follow the extra requirements of IS:13920 code. The shear force of beams to be resisted by vertical hoops shall be maximum of the following.


    1. Calculated factored shear force as per the analysis. (This means that in the analysis if you have a load combination of gravity load with the stipulated factor, shear force for that has to be considered. In case, you have a load combination of 1.5(DL+LL). So, shear force for this load combination has to be considered.)
    2. Shear force due to formation of plastic hinges at both ends of the beam plus the factored gravity load on the span. For the provisions mentioned in (b), you need to calculate equivalent UDL for gravity load case. In this regard, you need to use EUDL parameter to define Equivalent UDL on the span of the beam. The value must be un-factored. It would be multiplied by a factor of 1.2. If you don't define the UDL value, factored shear force due to gravity load on the span is taken as zero and no plastic and elastic moments would be calculated. The shear design would be performed on the basis of that analysis result only and a warning message will be displayed. If you don't define the EUDL parameter, you can use GLD parameter for the same purpose. You can combine DL + LL without any factor and define that Load Combination as GLD parameter. The un-factored load is being multiplied by a factor of 1.2 at the time of design. 

    Hope the provided description is helpful.

    For further details on the subject matter you can directly post your questions at the Bentley Communities STAAD Forum by accessing the link below. 

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    Suvam Chatterjee.