CONNECT Edition Activation


I am writing in connection with the Master I am studying with the company Structuralia (in Spain). In this Master we are going to use OpenBuildings Designer. We have been told to register in the STUDENTsever.

I have registered, and I got my activation key (the 29+ character code associated with my school).

Last month, in my computer, I could see the following:

One of your programs manager informed me:

"The activation key is not needed for activating the software. Instead, you need to login to CONNECTION Client for activation of the software. According to screenshot that you have shared, the product you have downloaded is already activated. By default, the product will run offline for 7 days without an internet connection, after that, you will need to sign in again to CONNECTION Client".

It has worked fine (every 7 days I had to enter the password to get access) until yesterday. I opened the software and I got the following message:

This message shows that the software is a trial and it will expire in 7 days.


Now, in the Licence Manager, I can see:

This picture shows that the software is a trial version. Last week, the same picture indicated:

How could I continue using the software?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards.

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