Export File Format for Context Capture

Dear Sir/ Mam,

Help me with suitable file export option for importing the mesh generated through Context Capture in Abaqus, Ansys or any other FEM Software.


Arun Krishna VS

  • Hi Arun,

    Following are file formats available.

    1. ContextCapture 3MX (3D multiresolution mesh format, used for exchange with Bentley applications).

    2. Bentley Scalable Mesh (3D model in 3SM format, for analysis and editing Bentley applications).

    3. Google Earth KML.

    4. Bentley DGN Format (Native 3D format of MicroStation and other Bentley applications).

    5. Autodesk FBX (3D exchange format for Autodesk applications).

    6. OBJ Wavefront format.

    7. Collada DAE.

    8. Stereolithography (STL).

    9. LOD tree export (based on XML files and 3D models in Collada format).

    10. Smart 3D Capture S3C.

    11. Space Eyes 3D Builder Layer.

    The above file formats ca be used for the purpose of interoperability. Also, for more information you may write us at academic@bentley.com.


    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Suvam Chatterjee.