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The goal of this workshop is to introduce architecture and building design students to OpenBuildings Designer as a 3D modeling and presentation tool for their design projects. 

Students attending the classroom session will get a certificate. Students that complete and present the Design Problem will earn a digital badge to post on their LinkedIn profile. 

About OpenBuildings Designer 

OpenBuildings:BIM Modeling Software is used to design a broad range of infrastructure assets, including residential and commercial buildings, rail and metro stations, airports, stadiums, and shopping malls with a single, multi-discipline application. 

Downloading OpenBuildings Designer.

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Students Workshop – OpenBuildings Designer

 Schedule and Participation –

The workshop is proposed for two weeks during September. In the first week we will focus on 3D modeling with OpenBuildings Designer software and the introduction of a design project.   In the second week students will finalize their design project and learn various presentation techniques.  There will be hands on training during the scheduled workshop sessions, supported by a workbook, OnDemand videos and a community forum, so that the students can continue working outside the workshop hours.    

Week 1 – Training

Day 1 (19th September 2022) – Overview of Workshop and Introductory Training.

  • Modeling and BIM Essentials, 3D Modeling - In OpenBuildings Designer all design work is done in the 3D model and 2D data is automatically updated, therefore it is important to learn the skills necessary to work effectively in a 3D model. This first day of training will focus on creating a 3D conceptual model for a transportation station, placing simple geometry, and then navigating and working in the 3D views.

 Day 2 (21st September 2022) – Q&A and Architectural Training

  • Modeling and BIM Essentials, Architectural Modeling – As the design moves from conceptual forms to a more complete design, intelligent objects like walls, door and windows will be added to the model. In the second day of training, you will model the exterior shell of the transportation station including the addition of a sloped roof, doors, windows and designing your own glass storefront.

 Day 3 (23rd September 2022) – Q&A and Architectural Training

  • Modeling and BIM Essentials, Interior Modeling – Now that you have modeled the basic architectural shell it is time to move into the interior of the building model. In the third day of training, you will complete the interior layout, add design details such as casework for the ticketing area and equipment and furnishings for a more realistic model.

 Week 2 – Design and Presentation      

Day 1 (26th September 2022) – Presentation Drawings

  • Bentley Colleagues will share advice and techniques for enhancing 2D drawings for presentation.

 Day 2 (28Th September 2022) – Presentation Techniques

  • Bentley colleagues will show students different techniques for presenting their 3D model using Display Styles, Lumen RT and Vue.

 Day 3 (30Th September 2022) – Final Presentation submission of Design Projects

  • Students will submit and present their final project with drawings and 3D views of their model. This is required in order to receive a badge that can be posted on social walls.

 Registrations and additional Information:

Students can register for the workshop by clicking here.

You can inquire about the workshop by clicking on the "Reply" button available at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions during the course of the workshop, you can post them here and  our experts would help you find solutions to your queries.

See you at the workshop Slight smile

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