7 Great Reasons to Attend Special Interest Groups!


Bentley’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are monthly virtual meetings, led by an expert, that cover various topics on some of our most popular products including MicroStation, ProjectWise, and more. Is this your first time hearing about SIGs? No worries! Here are the top 7 reasons why you should attend.


Reason #7: Sessions cover topics that are important to YOU. SIGs will keep you informed on the latest software updates and workflows and provide you with numerous tips & tricks.


Reason #6: Sessions occur monthly. If you missed last month’s STAAD SIG, that’s OK – you can catch next month’s. Maybe you caught last month’s STAAD SIG, and you’re excited to learn more next month – even better!


Reason #5: SIGs are interactive! Q&A and conversations during sessions are welcome. Don’t walk away after a session scratching your head. This is your chance to be heard!


Reason #4: Our SIG experts are awesome. They lead these sessions for a reason – they are here to help you. Make sure to pick their brains!


Reason #3: Many sessions offer you two different time slot choices. Not a morning person? No problem, catch the afternoon session. Live in a different time zone? Don't worry – you have options to best fit your hectic schedule.


Reason #2: We’re constantly adding new SIGs into our lineup. Join the new OpenRoads session (ahhh)! Bentley Water just kicked off (oooh), and look out for our new InspectTech SIG coming soon!


Reason #1: Because Bentley LEARNing is ‘always on’. Science has disproven the myth that you only use 10% of your brain’s capacity. Knowledge is power my friends, so get learning!


To see our entire SIG schedule, visit www.bentley.com/SIGs and register today!