Bentley Systems Wins the CEdMA Innovation Award

The Computer Education Management Association (CEdMA), a networking organization for high-tech training professionals, recently awarded Bentley Systems its Innovation Award. The award recognizes outstanding innovation in training organizations and follows Bentley Institute’s transition to the new Bentley LEARN Server and its personalized learning path application.

CEdMA’s president Pat Durante stated, “The training world has been struggling for years to transform from the traditional classroom model to a more blended approach to meet our customers’ needs. Bentley Institute has raised the bar and led the way towards a more personalized approach to technical training. We believe that companies should follow Bentley’s lead and drive towards ever more consumable, ever more personal, and ever more integrated learning experiences.”

The award-winning Bentley LEARN Server enables users to find training, access courses, and manage their learning opportunities with an experience that is tailored to their individual needs. 

Personalized home page – the home page is customized to each user and has four sections:

My Notifications – upcoming live training and recently viewed on-demand self-study courses

My Learning Paths – learning paths a user added as well as those his/her company assigned

My Learning History – a printable online transcript that demonstrates a user’s professional growth over time

Recommended Learning Paths – Bentley-recommended learning paths based on a user’s individual training history

Configurable learning paths – learning paths provide tactical guidance for talent development and outline the training needed to become proficient with Bentley software. They can be saved as-is, modified to specific skills development requirements, and shared by organizations and their users.

Real-time progress feedback – the Bentley LEARN Server encourages users to continue the training in their learning paths with a progress bar that automatically updates as they complete courses. 

Through learning paths, individual practitioners can create actionable plans that ultimately make them more efficient and effective on the job while organizations can deliver continuous learning that drives their business objectives and is meaningful to each team member. To learn more, read CEdMA’s press release or visit the Bentley LEARN Server.