How to access the on-demand video content for a virtual class

In recent weeks you've seen our "Featured LEARNing" highlight upcoming virtual classes (online and instructor-led).  A virtual class utilizes the same content that is available on-demand but provides the added benefit of real-time interaction with a Bentley trainer and subject matter expert.   If you see a course/topic you are interested in, but cannot participate in the scheduled course, follow these steps to access the on-demand video lectures, workbook, and assessment.

1) Click the link provided to "View Live Training Schedule"  (here you can see other dates the virtual class is being offered)

2) Find the link chain shown at the top of the course description page: Home » Find Training  » View Learning Path » View Live Training Schedule.

3) Click on the "View Learning Path" link to go back one step and see the individual courses in that Learning Path.

4) Locate the course you are looking for and click on "Find Training" to see all course learning options including on-demand video lectures, Practice Workbook, and Skills Assessment.

  • FYI

    I've never had a problem accessing live training from Bentley until I tried to login to the ProjectWise SIG this morning.  It downloaded a .collab file that Windows couldn't open.  Seems like a poor decision to change collaboration software to this.  I asked Eddie Anderson to let me know when Bentley moves to a commonly used product so I can participate again.