Introducing QuickStart Learning Paths

Learning a new software product can be a time consuming process. But who has time? That is why we are introducing QuickStart Learning Paths. These role-based learning paths are designed to get you to production quickly by teaching you the most common workflows. Each learning path contains several short courses of complimentary learning totaling 2-4 hours. Each course can be completed in one of three ways to match your learning preference

In live training, an instructor conducts a lecture in the virtual classroom and together you complete several exercises using the product. In on-demand learning, you will watch recorded lectures and complete the exercises on your own. In blended learning, you will watch recorded lectures at your convenience before completing the exercises in a virtual classroom with an instructor.

If after completing the QuickStart Learning Path you want to learn more, you will be able to continue your learning experience using one of the many other learning paths available in the Bentley LEARNserver as you work towards mastering your workflow.

Bentley aspires to provide you with personalized just in time learning where you can learn at your own pace and the learning can be customized to fit your needs. We will announce each QuickStart Learning Path as they become available.