New AECOSIM Building Designer Quick Start Courses Now Available!

AECOSIM Building Designer Quick Start Guide On-Demand course is now available to Bentley LEARN subscribers in the Bentley LEARN Server!

This QuickStart Guide is intended to introduce the user to AECOsim Building Designer. This guide contains standalone courses that follow a typical project workflow starting with Mass Modeling and Space Planning, developing the initial geometry into a BIM model, and creating drawings, schedules, and reports. Concepts and tools will be introduced as required for the workflow and organized per discipline

Each of the 10 modules in this quick start includes a video and a reference course.

View this New Content NOW in the Provided Bentley Learning Paths

This course has been added to each of the Bentley provided template AECOsim Buidling Designer learning paths that users may access from the Bentley LEARN Server by:

1. Click Find Training

2. Select Building Analysis and Design > AECOsim Building Designer from the Product Line > Product menu.

3. Click the desired AECOsim Building Designer Learning Path.

or, click any of these Learning Path links and then login to view this new content within the path.

Add to a Personalized Learning Path

If you have already created personal or company learning paths from these templates and want to add this course, or simply want to add this course collection to another of your personalized paths, you can simply:

1. Edit your Personalized Path.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the path and select ADD NEW COURSE

3. Select AECOsim Building Designer from the Product filter, and then click Search.

4. Set the check box next to the AECOsim Building Designer Quick Start Guide course collection, and then click ADD to add this course collection to your personalized learning path.

5. Finally, click ADD MORE under the collection and select and ADD the modules from this quick start that you want to include in your learning path.