New Program Launched at Seattle LEARNing Conference

On June 9th at the Bentley LEARNing Conference in Seattle, the start of something significant occurred. Bentley Systems’ own George Church took the podium to announce the launch of the latest program to be hosted on Bentley Communities, the Knowledge Executives program. Church also took this opportunity to publically acknowledge the first accepted Knowledge Executive, Kevin van Haaran, a Bentley Systems user who works out of the Kansas City architecture firm, HNTB.

Knowledge Executives — formerly known as Bentley-empowered Most Valuable Professionals (BeMVPs) — are a prestigious group of experts who actively share insight and industry-specific best practices with their respective infrastructure communities. Comprised of Bentley colleagues and users alike, these extraordinary individuals have a vast understanding of Bentley products and technologies and are recognized for their exceptional technical know-how, community engagement and willingness to help others, as well as their ability to foster the exchange of knowledge by sharing real-world personal experiences.

Kevin van Haaran was appointed the Knowledge Executive position due to his continuous quality contribution on Bentley Communities and his willingness to go above and beyond to support and educate his fellow users.

We wanted to take this time to acknowledge Kevin’s appointment to the Knowledge Executive position. Stay on the lookout for other Knowledge Executives to be announced in the near future via Bentley Communities!