Spotlight on ProjectWise Deliverables Management

If you go to

 You'll see the ProjectWise Deliverables Management Learning Path. (A login is required to access the LEARNserver.)

  • There is An "Overview and Getting Started" section containing videos that serve as an introduction. 
    • You can not only view the Overview video here, you can also access it from by clicking on "Deliverables Management" and then playing the video.
    • Clicking the "Learn More" button takes you directly to the Learning Path in the LEARNserver
  • In the Learning Path the training sections are set up the same way as the hands-on workbooks; How Do I Set It Up? and How Do I Use It?  Each video covers a specific feature.
    • There is one more component, and that is the pop-up information.  Click on a video's title and you'll see step-by-step instructions about how to use that feature.