The Place to Be. The Thing to Do.

You already know that The Bentley LEARNing Conferences are a fantastic opportunity for users of Bentley's most popular software products to get hands-on training, insider tips & tricks, and insight on future technologies and direction. The "classroom" learning is definitely a reason that a Bentley LEARNing Conference is "The Place to Be" and "The Thing to Do".  But we recognize that peer learning, social engagement and networking are equally important and so we include plenty of opportunities outside of the classroom to complement your formal learning.

The Bentley LEARNing Conference is a great way to enhance your participation in user groups, special interest groups (SIGs), and Bentley Communities - catching up with long-time friends and building new relationships. 

Here's some of what's offered:

Social Dinner

Held on day one of each LEARNing Conference, the Social Dinner gives you a chance to connect with other attendees and Bentley colleagues who share your professional interests, in a relaxed and casual environment. Table signs indicate the topic or product. Just have a seat and start talking!

NEW! User Showcase & Reception

We know Bentley software can do some amazing things; we also know our users can do some amazing things. What happens when you put the two together? Come find out at this networking and idea exchange!  The User Showcase is your opportunity to share and show off your accomplishments – while fellow attendees mix, mingle, ooh and ahh. Whether you've got a special technique or application; a project you are especially proud of; a template or library to manage data; or a unique solution to make work easier, we're looking forward to learning from you.

Social Media Engagement

What would a Bentley LEARNing Conference be without the smiling faces of our users?  Probably pretty boring. So we hope you don't turn and run when you see one Bentley's outgoing social ambassadors headed your direction with a camera pointed at you. We love posting user photos to our social media sites and encourage you to share on your favorite sites as well.

 Speaking of social media, have you seen Bentley's Social Wally?  It's a compilation of photo, video, and social media highlights from the Conference.  You can add your own posts and tweets and see those minutes later (just be sure to use the #Bentley15 tag)

Even if you can't attend in person (sigh), you can still follow LEARNing Conferences social activity using #Bentley15 and read Facebook posts and Twitter tweets from attendees and Bentley colleagues. 


"Frame" Your LEARNing

We recognize that the "candid camera" approach isn't for everyone, yet you still want to share your enthusiasm for LEARNing with Bentley.
At our LEARN photo booth you can use a whiteboard “frame" to acknowledging your favorite session or trainer and express what matters most to you. And then, join with fellow attendees to create a lasting
memory by “framing” yourself for a keepsake digital photo.


  At the 2015 Bentley LEARNing Conference you are guaranteed to learn a lot and have a great time. 
That's why it's "The Place to Be. The Thing to Do."  I hope to see you there.

 P.S. If you missed our LEARNing Conferences announcement, read it here