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AECOsim -dataset

I am looking for the course dataset for :

AECOsim Building Designer Architecture - Creating Design Documentation (metric)

This course uses the UK dataset. This course is for Architectural users and gives them the opportunity to learn Drawing Composition by creating Building Views, including Plans, Sections and Details and creating Sheets.

Installing the dataset gives no exemple project, there is only an empty seed file, using the US exemple is not metric


regards Rik

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  • You have to be authorized to download by your account administrator. If so:

    Go to > Support > Downloads

    Search by "AECOsim Building Designer". Change Filter by Files Posted within last to "All".

    Top header should now say :"SELECTservices: Downloads/My Select CD" in green font. Click Enhancements and Updates in the top blue center box beneath darker blue heading "SELECT Released Products"

    UK Dataset should be 2nd one down.

  • In reply to liz4au:

    Yes but there you find only the dataset and not the metric sample building! But in the training it always refers to the sample building files.....


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