Missing dataset .dgn & .pod files in Learnserver : Attaching and Classifying Point Clouds Course



I can not find the datasets files that I need for solving the course (Attach_Point_Cloud.dgn. - Attach.pod – and several other files).


LEARNserver : LEARNing Conference 2015 - 3D Imaging and Point Clouds Learning Path → Attaching and Classifying Point Clouds. http://learn.bentley.com/app/Public/ViewLearningPathDetails?lpId=108723


When I download the Attaching and Classifying Point Clouds Practice Workbook, the .zip-file only content a .pdf file. No .dgn’s, . pod…..


Is there any links or other places on the LEARNserver that I can get Access to the .dgn and .pod - files ?

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